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Hannah Rudman keynote at the NARPACA Ticketing Professionals 2014

Hannah Rudman was the keynote speaker at the NARPACA Ticketing Professionals 2014, 17-19 February 2014 in Brisbane, Australia.

Speaking on the subject of Event Horizon, Hannah considered the opportunities and impacts of disruptive existing and emerging digital technologies on cultural events and experiences in her keynote speech on 17th February.

On 18th February, Hannah also led a workshop: Joined Up Digital, that considered The AmbITion Approach, the change approach and toolkit created by Rudman Consulting for digital development across the whole of the organisation/practice. Participants were introduced to the AmbITion Approach, successfully used by over 100 organisations in the UK to develop digital strategies and implementation plans that join up across artistic practice, audience engagement, operations and business models.

Australasian Leisure Management Magazine reported the talk, and featured an article by Hannah Rudman, ArtsHub Australia also published a review of the keynote.


Ticketing Professionals 2014 conference