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Artlink Central: AmbITion Approach journey

Artlink Central was supported via AmbITion Scotland’s AmbITion Approach fund. We used this resource to enable consultants to assist us in digital development, with the desired outcome of producing a thorough strategy document, with both short and long term plans for embedding the use of digital technologies within our organisation.

Artlink management believed that while the organisation and staff were relatively digitally ‘savvy’, it had become apparent that the development, success and impact of the organisation was being hampered by a fragmented approach to the use of IT in facilitating internal systems and external communications.

It was felt that what was required was the development of a comprehensive and joined up digital media and IT strategy and systems to enable staff members to

  • communicate effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders
  • work smarter with a large team of consultant arts practitioners and part-time staff
  • increase new audiences
  • free up staff time to identify new opportunities to sustain the organisation

As part of our AmbITion Approach grant we worked with consultant Abigail Carney. Abigail then brought on IT Consultant Chris Elvery. Abigail facilitated 2 workshops for Artlink staff, advised on a survey to Artlink stakeholders and developed a draft business case for Digital Development. Chris assisted in articulating an IT Plan, developing a brief for an IT upgrade and identifying contractors to quote on the brief.