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Paragon Music report on their digital developments

Paragon is an inclusive music company inspiring people to create and perform their own music and dance. We are passionate about using music and the arts to raise people’s aspirations, promoting positive self-image, teamwork, communication and learning.

What we wanted to do with our Organisational Development Award

  • Produce and edit rich media content using equipment purchased from Make IT Happen fund.
  • Use rich media to bolster the new website www.paragon-music.org and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Vimeo in order to drive participation and audience engagement.

Why we wanted to do it

  • Having created a new website and improved our activity on social media outlets we wanted to continue this by improving our online content and therefore engagement with current and potential audiences.
  • The core mission of our organisation is to support people who have difficulties when attempting to engage with the arts. By running an accessible website and social media which is regularly updated with relevant rich media content, we hope to engage more people with our work and in turn encourage them to participate in our programmes.
  • In recent years Paragon’s focus has changed from contemporary music commissions  to sustained, inclusive music and dance programmes and performances. There was, therefore, an increasing demand for rich media content to present a clear and consistent marketing image.

 How we did it

Having purchased new digital equipment we then created rich media content related to all of our programmes and regularly updated our website and social media including video blogs, written blogs, photographs, video performances:

Horizons at Baillieston from Paragon Music on Vimeo.


Play On at the Scottish Parliament from Paragon Music on Vimeo.


M3 session! from Paragon Music on Vimeo.


  • Website analytics: The number of hits on our website has increased from 19,830 in April 2014 to 24,572 in June 2014 – a 19.3% increase.
  • Facebook analytics:  Our number of likes has increased from 184 to 322 – a 75% increase.
  • Online comments from rich media content produced:

“You really entertained them, FANTASTIC!!” (Parent)

I have had the time of my life this week, now I’m certain this is what I want to spend every day doing because I’ve never smiled and laughed as much. Thank you for everyone for giving me this chance and I’ll be searching for you guys again in the future to do more fun work!” (Participant)

“This looks beautiful!” (Participant)

“So looking forward to next Saturday’s class!” (Parent)


We have met our aims and had a fantastic time completing this project. The experience has had a very beneficial effect on Paragon staff, participants and audience.

  • The volume of rich media content produced has massively increased as well as the number of likes and hits on our website and social media. All of our outlets are updated every week with new photos, videos and blogs.
  • We have been less reliant on professionals to produce and edit rich media content, allowing us to do this on a more regular basis as well as saving money.
  • One of our participants who runs the M3 Facebook page has been attending regular training on the Macbook Pro and as she is going on to study IT this has been of particular benefit to her. Her blog is available to read here.

Going forward

We have had a great time using the knowledge and equipment gained from this funding. We still have a lot to learn and film and are excited about capturing more rich media content at our events in the next few months including the Commonwealth Games and Gathered Together Festivals at Tramway in August.