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Scottish Sculpture Workshop use AmbITion Approach for digital transformation

Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW) is a rurally based artist residency centre. Offering workshop facilities, technical expertise and curatorial support, the programme supports hundreds of artists every year. Alongside this SSW runs a series of curatorial enquiries, focusing on landscape, craft, material and the commons.

SSW has undergone significant change over the last five years, from major Capital Development to new staff and programme structure. Working with Hannah Rudman and The AmbITion Approach, SSW developed a digital strategy to transform their organisation.

This was then used to discuss the organisations aims for the future, in order to create a strategy that would enable them to envision their short, mid and long-term needs more clearly. This enabled SSW to put in place a strategy and business plan that works with their programming, budget, and staff capacity, with goals that are achievable as well as highlighting areas in which they can raise aspirations to embrace a more advanced digital technologies.

A key part of this activity was the participation of all staff members. Through all staff participating in the new vision and strategy, they have taken on ownership of improving our digital capabilities and the whole team are able to move forward together.

Take a look at their report opposite to learn more about SSW’s process.

Download this document (PDF, 3.19MB)