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DT:TV Case Studies

The Traverse Theatre’s Digital Content Developments

The Traverse Theatre wanted to develop the digital offering available to our online audience. We sought to streamline our digital platforms and incorporate regular high quality rich media content on a year-round basis, thereby increasing the online reputation of the Traverse Theatre and the quality of content for our digital audience.

In early 2014, following an internal digital audit, online presence and digital capacities were evaluated. Video making and editing equipment was developed and used internally to create high quality content that was sustainable year-round. This content was incorporated into the Traverse Theatre’s online strategy over a number of digital channels, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

As work on the content became part of the ongoing digital strategy, outcomes started to shift and evolve once we began the consultation and development process.

This short presentation, produced by Traverse Theatre Press and Media Officer Eleanor Pender, summarises the Traverse Theatre’s digital development journey and illustrates what was achieved with a good team in place and the right amount of investment.