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Best Research Paper 2020, ISC2021 & Agrimetrics

Impact in academia is deemed by the UKRI as a “demonstrable contribution that excellent social and economic research makes in shifting understanding and advancing scientific method, theory and application across and within disciplines.” Using participatory action research (PAR) is a method for achieving impact whilst research and development is ongoing, and my last journal paper has just been awarded Best Research Paper 2020 in The JBBA‘s Blockchain in the Humanities, Social Sciences or Public Good category. This recognition by the journal’s Editorial Board acknowledges outstanding contributions made by authors in advancing excellence in Blockchain research. The award recognises papers that:

1. Are likely to influence future thinking
2. Have made significant contributions to DLT/ Blockchain or Cryptocurrencies, as measured by scholarly and societal impact metrics, downloads, article views, engagement on social media (Alternative metrics) or citation in policy documents
3. Are discussed at high-impact conferences and events, cited, referenced or quoted by policymakers, influencers or thought-leaders in the field

I am hoping that PAR is further discussed as a now academically verified method of achieving evidence-based practice for digital and data projects – especially those working with newer DLT/blockchain platforms and networks. If you are interested in obtaining feedback from the situation you are investigating, analysing this feedback and using it to change the existing conditions, and hopefully improve them – PAR enables this. I have been invited by the conference organisers to speak at the 3rd Blockchain International Scientific Conference (ISC2021), and will focus on what we are learning through PAR about agri/farming/natural economy challenges and the impact DLT/blockchain can have on them.

I have just joined Agrimetrics as a member of the EMT. The company provides access to the linked-data, data science infrastructure and expertise organisations and researchers require to solve global food and environmental challenges. They are the sector’s Data Marketplace. Agrimetrics enables organisations to safely share and monetise their data, whilst making it easier for data-consumers to access the information they need. Our goal is to help create a more productive and sustainable food system by enabling next-generation solutions as quickly and affordably as possible. They are one of four centres for agricultural innovation founded with an initial investment from Innovate UK. The founding partners are NIAB, SRUC, Rothamsted Research and The University of Reading and have strategic partnerships with Airbus and Microsoft and are a participant in Microsoft’s prestigious AI for Earth programme.