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“Don’t work with Rudman Consulting if you want a comfortable life. Work with them if you want intelligent and thoughtful answers that get you where you never thought you could be, and fast. Hannah won’t always tell you what to hear but she will help you to navigate the digital world, to knit together the endless myriad of possibilities in a seriously astute way that works. She is slick, professional and committed to what she does. It’s infectious (and quite a good laugh as well!).”    Julie L. Tait, Director, Culture Republic.

Rudman Consulting helps enterprises achieve their core visions, purposes, and missions: in a world continuously impacted by disruptive digital technologies. Rudman Consulting is a Digital Transformation consultancy, empowering enterprises to become resilient, innovative, and sustainable: by delivering their core value propositions to customers through digital business models and channels.

From micro-enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to large institutions: Rudman Consulting works with all scales and models of business. We’ve worked with over 150 enterprises at C-suite level via our successful, internationally renowned Digital:Transformation Approach. Proven in the field and academically verified as achieving Digital Transformation, the Approach uniquely blends creative practices, design thinking, and action research together with modern change management methods. The approach facilitates organisations to go on a journey of digital transformation:

  • by clarifying vision, mission, and purpose to ensure it is fit for a digital era;
  • by building people’s confidence, capacity, and capability to act intrapreneurially and transform the enterprise to work in new digital ways;
  • to create and innovate new digital business models and value propositions working entrepreneurially with customers and partners;
  • to become more open and engaging to increase digital participation with customers, clients or audiences; and
  • to become agile and collaborative to develop new digital products, or services, or experiences.

The Digital Transformation Approach comes from Hannah Rudman’s cross-disciplinary background of management consultancy, technology development, and creative practice, and is underpinned by Hannah’s academic research. It empowers enterprises to change to become resilient  so that they can deal with ongoing digital disruptions (to markets, consumers, technologies, products, business models, etc.)

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