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DT:TV Case Studies


Hannah writes articles for the national press and professional press.

Dr Rudman also writes formal reports for government and its arms-length bodies; toolkits to help organisations undertake digital transformations themselves; How To… Guides, to give in-depth informations on specific digital development subjects; and case studies to highlight the methods and learnings of particular organisations.


The The Digital:Transformation Approach online toolkit, by Hannah Rudman, 2014.
The Intellectual Assets and Copyright Support toolkit, by Hannah Rudman, 2012.

How To… Guides

How To… e-publish, 2013

Download this document (PDF, 5.86MB)

How To… Set up and run an internship, 2012

Download this document (PDF, 1.36MB)

How To… Digitise and Monetise Live Performance Content, 2012

Download this document (PDF, 3.25MB)

How To… Get The Best From Open Source – A Beginners’ Guide (by Hannah Rudman with Pooka Pro, 2011)

How To… Successfully Webcast, 2011

Download this document (PDF, 1.68MB)

How To… Ensure your IT Project doesn’t fail, 2009

Download this document (PDF, 128KB)

How To… Make Money from Digital Content, by Hannah Rudman, 2009

Download this document (PDF, 173KB)

How To… Help Your Board Get Digital, 2009

Download this document (PDF, 918KB)