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Dr Hannah Rudman’s work focuses on how nature tech and data innovations in nature tech can help the natural economy sector address the Grand Challenges we face – climate change, food safety and security, loss of biodiversity, and pollution. She is convenor of decisiongradeiot.com, an adhocracy creating international open standardised processes for nature tech measuring carbon, biodiversity and nature improvements. She  is an Expert Evaluator for the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency. She co-leads the Scottish Nature Finance Pioneers network, 640+ people from 210+ organisations.

Journal Papers: Refereed

Review    Reed, M., McCarthy, J.M., Jensen, E.A. & Rudman, H., Governing high integrity ecosystems markets. PLOS ONE. Pre-print at https://eartharxiv.org/repository/view/5247/

Sep 23   McVittie, A., Cole, L., McCarthy, J.M., Rudman, H., Approaches to Measuring Biodiversity in Scotland, The Scottish Government, 2023. ISBN 9781835213582. https://www.gov.scot/publications/research-approaches-measuring-biodiversity-scotland/

Sep 22   Reed, MSR. & Rudman, H., In: Sustainability Science. Re-thinking research impact: voice, context and power at the interface of science, policy and practice. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11625-022-01216-w

Aug 22   Rudman, H, Hart, B., English, M. Turner, C, Fuentes-Montemayor, E. & Reed MS. In: Scottish Geographical Journal Traps, Apps and Maps: to what extent do they provide decision-grade data on biodiversity? https://doi.org/ 10.1080/14702541.2022.2112271

Aug 22   Reed, MSR & Rudman, H. Nov 2021 In: Mires & Peat. Peatland core common outcomes: building consensus on what should be measured in research and monitoring. https://doi.org/ 10.19189/MaP.2021.OMB.StA.2340

Jul 22      Black, HIJ., Reed, MSR., Kendall, H., Parkhurst, R., Rudman, H., Chapman, PJ., Ziv, G., Cannon, N., Yeluripati, J. B., Orman, M., Leeson, A. & Phelps, J., Jul 2022, In: Carbon Management. What makes an operational Farm Soil Carbon Code? Insights from a global comparison of existing soil carbon codes using a structured analytical framework. https://doi.org/10.1080/17583004.2022.2135459

Jan 22    Reed, M.S., Curtis, T., Gosal, A., Ziv, G., Pyndt Andersen, S., Attlee, A., Hay, M., Hill, D., Kendall, H., Martin-Ortega, J., Martino, S., Prior, S. Rodgers, C., Strange Olesen, A., Rudman, H., Tanneberger, F., Waylen, K. In PloS ONE 17 (1). Integrating Ecosystem Markets to co-ordinate landscape-scale public benefits from nature. https://doi.org/10.31223/X54G74

Oct 20    Rudman, H. The Journal of the British Blockchain Association, Issue 7, Mar 2021 (Winner: Best Research Paper 2020, Life Sciences). Piece of cake: assuring specific qualities of product in farm lifecycles with DLT – can evidenced-based practice be supported by participatory action research methods?. https://doi.org/10.31585/jbba-4-1-(1)2021.

Aug 17   Rudman, H., Kendal J., Mursic, Z., Bailey-Ross, C., Lloyd, A., Ross, B., & Kendal, R. Multidisciplinary exhibit design in a science centre: a participatory action research approach, Education Action Research, https://doi.org/10.1080/09650792.2017.1360786.

Policy Reports: for Government/Executive Agencies/Non-departmental Public Bodies

Review    McVittie, A., Cole, L., McCarthy, J.M., Rudman, H., Approaches to Measuring Biodiversity in Scotland, for Scottish Government, May 2023.

June 22  Reed, M.S., Rudman, H. contributors to Financing UK Nature Recovery: Recommendations and roadmap for UK policy, 88 p.

May 22  McMorran, R., Reed, M.S., Glass, J., Bauer, A., Glendinning, J., Macaulay, B., McKee, A., Peskett, L. Rothenberg, L., Rudman, H., Williams, A. Large-scale land acquisition for carbon: opportunities and risks. A SEFARI Special Advisory Group Report. https://sefari.scot/document/large-scale-land-acquisition-for-carbon-opportunities-and-risks-report

Mar 22   Rudman, H. Carbon Markets Chapter contribution. In FinTech Research & Innovation Roadmap Edinburgh: FinTech Scotland. Policy Brief.

Mar 22   Reed, MSR., Glass, J., Glendinning, JPG., McMorran, R., Peskett, L., Rudman, H., Stevens, DBS. & Williams, AW. Land Use Partnerships using a Natural Capital Approach: Lessons for Scotland, ClimateXChange. https://www.climatexchange.org.uk/research/projects/land-use-partnerships-using-a-natural-capital-approach-lessons-for-scotland/

Sep 18   Rudman, H., Ferry, P., Campbell, R., Thompson, G. Distributed Ledger Technologies in Public Services. Report for The Scottish Government. ISBN: 9781787811232. https://www.gov.scot/publications/distributed-ledger-technologies-public-services/pages/7/

Conference Papers: Refereed

Nov 22   CIEEM Conference 2022. Traps Apps and Maps: Digital Data Collection Methods. Edinburgh.

Aug 22   RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2022. Natural Capital Session. Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Mar 21   Rudman, H. Assuring specific qualities of product in farm lifecycles with DLT. 3rd Blockchain International Scientific Conference ISC 2021, Online.

Oct 20    Rudman, H. Rising to The Challenge. Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Association Conference.

Sept 16 Rudman, H., Kendal J., Mursic, Z., Bailey-Ross, C., Lloyd, A., Ross, B., & Kendal, R. Embedded in the Exhibit. Association of Science-Technology Centres Conference, Tampa, Florida, US.

June 15  Rudman, H., Benyon, D., and Hall, H. A framework for the transformation of the creative industries in a digital age. IFKAD 2015 10th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics Bari, Italy: Arts for Business Ltd, p. 1391-1403.

Conference Keynotes: Invited

Mar 23   ‘Scotland’s Blue Economy: current status’, Business in the Blue Economy, St Andrews 27th Feb.

Apr 22    ‘Traps Apps and Maps: digital devices to measure natural capital baseline data’, A3 (Animal Health, Aquaculture and Animal Health International Conference), Edinburgh 26th Apr.

Apr 22    “Data Governance’. UK – New Zealand Agri-Tech Exchange Webinar Series from Department of International Trade, 26th Apr.

Mar 22   ‘Traps Apps and Maps – a practical introduction to Natural Capital’. The Bigger Picture Introduction for SRUC Alumni, 23rd Mar. On demand at https://youtu.be/Jci0rhRd6xQ

Mar 22   ‘Digital Technology Solutions for Future Farming’, ONE Agritech Workshop, Thirlestane, 8th Mar.

Feb 22   “Dandelion & SRUC: an introduction”, LANTRA Conference, 24th Feb.

Feb 22    ‘Tech Driven Disruptors Reshaping the Future of Food’, Can Do Innovation Summit, 23rd Feb.

Nov 21   ‘A case for a UK Saltmarsh Carbon Code: Evidence, Intervention, and Investment’, Edinburgh COP 26 Fringe event by MASTS, 12th Nov.

Nov 21   ‘Interview on Rewilding Scotland – New Business & Investment Models with Dr Jeremy Leggett and Julian Matthews’ at Finance for Nature strand of COP26, Glasgow, 4th Nov.  https://www.efx.global/rewilding-scotland-new-business-investment-models-finance-for-nature-path-to-cop26/

Nov 21   ‘Interview with Willie Watt, Chair of Scottish National Investment Bank’ at Finance for Nature strand of COP26, Glasgow, 5th Nov. On demand at: https://www.efx.global/willie-watt-scottish-national-investment-bank-finance-for-nature-path-to-cop26/

Oct 21    ‘Natural Capital: State of the Nation’. Bioregioning Tayside’s Inaugural Meeting, 21st Oct.

Oct 21    ‘Towards a Trustable Credit’. Agritech 4.0, 15th Oct.

Jul 21      ‘When is a farm not a farm? When it’s a computer’. Edinburgh International Science Festival, 6th July, view on demand https://vimeo.com/572166371

Apr 21    ‘Should We Sell Our Personal Data’, Chair, Final Ethics Panel, European Blockchain Convention, 16th Apr. http://eblockchainconvention.com

Mar 21   Chair and Moderator, Mid-term Conference of BLinG, Interreg North Sea Region, 3rd Mar. https://northsearegion.eu/bling/events/upcoming-3-march-2021-mid-term-conference-bling-project/

Feb 21    ‘Digital Technology supporting a Green Rural Recovery’, Teagasc Conference, 9th Feb. https://www.teagasc.ie/publications/2021/teagascsruc-virtual-conference-2021.php

Nov 20   ‘Re-establishing Trust in Technology’, Women in Tech Online Global Series, 16 Nov. https://onlinefestival.women-in-technology.com/

Apr 20    ‘Improving Cyberbreach Reporting with Trust and Security Enabled by DLT’

invited paper, Digital Energy, 29 April, Online event. https://www.digitalenergysummit.com/.

Hannah was Honorary Fellow at Durham University between 2015-19, and ran a live citizen science experiment at the UK’s Centre for Life. As part of a team of researchers, Hannah brought expertise in digital information systems as research tools and participatory action research methods to the Designing for Creativity and Innovation in Informal Science Learning project. So far, the project is having impact in society through its knowledge exchange via presentations for international informal science learning practitioners at the Association of Science and Technology Centres Conference in 2016, and has impact in the academy through publications such as the Informal Learning Review, book chapters and academic journals.

From 2011 – 2015, Hannah undertook PhD research at the Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation at Edinburgh Napier University’s School of Computing. The doctoral research studied the concepts, methodologies, and tools of The AmbITion Approach, and validated it as a framework for business transformation of the creative industries in a digital age. A new theoretical and conceptual framework called Participatory Transformation has emerged from the work. You can read and download the thesis (please reference it: Rudman, H. (2015) A framework for the transformation of the creative industries in a digital age. Ph.D., Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh.):