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DT:TV Case Studies

Narrowcasting proves digital dynamite in Fife and beyond !

AttFife achieved a digital first for Scotland, with a special show streamed over the internet reaching more than 26,000 people in schools, hospitals and health centres across the country.   Arts and Theatres Trust Fife (AttFife) presented Wee Stories’ Jock and the Beanstalk online alongside a run of live performances at Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline, […]

FST Emporium 2011: Digital Technology in the Theatre

The Federation of Scottish Theatre invited Hannah Rudman, lead consultant of AmbITion Scotland and Catherine Paskell, Creative Associate at National Theatre Wales to talk at the Emporium 2011, 25th February, about digital technology in the theatre. View the slides: Catherine, NTW; Hannah, AmbITion Scotland.

Ron Inglis on Regional Screen Scotland Getting Digital

Ron Inglis talks to Hannah Rudman about the process of engagement with the AmbITion Scotland programme and specialist advisor Mike Coulter of Digital Agency, in a bid to make essential changes in communications for Regional Screen Scotland and Screen Machine.

AmbITion Consultants Reflect

Cameron Leask from Escrivo and Jill MacRae from Blether Media talk about the AmbITion organisations they have been working with as Specialist Advisors on the AmbITion Scotland programme. Jill discusses developments with Poor Boy Theatre Company, and Cameron, Dance Ihayami and Y dance (Scottish Youth Dance).

Carrie Maginn of Stills close up

Carrie Maginn from Stills, Edinburgh, chats to Hannah Rudman about the progress of digital development of Stills, Edinburgh as an Associate AmbITion Scotland organisation.

Interim Mini Case Study: Citizens Theatre

Alison Martin and Helen Black of Citizens Theatre talk cross organisational digital development with Hannah Rudman. Roger Tomlinson was their specialist advisor and and will be doing a webinar on CRM: Making IT work for you on 18th November.