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How to …. get the best from Open Source: a beginners’ guide

How To… This guide is for anyone who has heard of the term Open Source, but who is bit confused about what it actually is! You probably use digital technologies in your organisation or individual practice, you know that Open Source is a “good thing”, but you are still unsure exactly is it, how it could benefit you, and what the risks might be.

How To… Implement CRM

How To…A guide to deploying CRM in your organisation: CRM requires an organisation-wide strategy to be effective, so this Guide needs to be considered at Board and senior management policy level, as well as by all staff in customer-facing roles. CRM involves all the “touch-points” when the organisation relates to people, and needs to be understood and applied through all elements of the “customer experience”.

How to… Get to Grips with the Opportunities of Geolocative Technologies

How To…This guide is designed to provide ideas on harnessing ideas around geolocation for those who project manage or implement digital developments in cultural organisations. It will also provide an important element of the basis for any strategic vision on how mobile technology will be harnessed within the organisation.

How to…Successfully Webcast

How To…For anyone who would like to know more about webcasting in general; anyone who is thinking about producing an event as a webcast; and anyone who is thinking about individually attending or receiving a webcast at their organisation.

Nesta: What’s App? A look at the emerging apps economy

The state of play in the apps market and the barriers to its development by David Rowan, Editor of Wired Magazine. On March 22 2010, NESTA hosted ‘What’s App?’, a panel event that brought together app developers, platform owners, mobile carriers, investors and users with the purpose of exploring the evolving landscape of the apps economy.