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Getting Digital Webinar 3: Tracking Impact – David Sim, 4TM, 22.04.10

Video: This webinar masterclass looks at how people successfully track the impact of digital communication and social media, and how a social media strategy can be made manageable, and what benefits that all has for an organisation. David highlights some good and bad practices, then shows some tools that will help you track and measure your online impact.

It pays to count: freemium and tracking impact

So it seems that social media is coming of age: the ning platform (AmbITion Scotland’s network is run on it) has announced that they are changing from their freemium business model, and ning will now have to be paid for. Read The Guardian‘s report. Facebook have said that they’re thinking of moving to the freemium […]

Getting Digital Webinar 2: Talking Online 25.03.10

Video: This webinar masterclass explores how organisations successfully talk online; why there needs to be different styles of writing; and what different online channels are for suitable for which messages. Occupancy Marketing will highlight some good and bad practices, then show you some Search Engine Optimisation tools that will help your messages stand out from the noise so that you can talk effectively online.

Getting Digital Webinar 1: Listening Online 25.02.10

Video: Mike Coulter, Social Media Consultant, reveals how can arts organisations can successfully find out what their audiences are saying about them online. He’ll also share what the tools are that can help organisations keep track, and what are good strategies for responding to both positive and negative online reactions!

Getting Digital Slide presentations

Getting Digital Introduction Hannah Rudman View more presentations from Erin Maguire. Getting Digital Introduction Keynote: Kyle MacRae View more presentations from Erin Maguire.

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