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Sustainable cultural AmbITions for a low carbon transition

Today the IPCC published its 5th report to confirm that by 2100, the average projection for how much warming will occur is expected to be slightly above the 2 degrees C threshold, considered to be the temperature above which it is considered that climate change will damage the global environment: as well as the damage […]

Envirodigital’s CO2 Savings Account App

Envirodigital‘s CO2 Savings Account App is now a demonstrable proof of concept, thanks to the work of two Edinburgh Napier University students: Phillip Scott and Daniel Cairns. The demonstrator of the app, which adds further functionality to the widget piloted by Envirodigital last year, is based around a database and modular web service all on […]

Envirodigital consultant producers of new virtual live theatre project

We’re delighted to announce #fiveminutetheatre! NATIONAL THEATRE OF SCOTLAND MARKS ITS 5TH BIRTHDAY WITH A VIRTUAL 24 HOUR THEATRE PROJECT Today, 25th February, 2011, the National Theatre of Scotland marks its fifth birthday by opening public submissions for a nationwide virtual theatre project as well as announcing details of a series of public platforms aimed […]

Envirodigital to run workshop for Scottish Government’s 2020 Climate Group

Together with Scottish Enterprise, Envirodigital is facilitating a series of workshops for the Scottish Government’s 2020 Climate Group, supported by Interactive Scotland and SE’s Digital Media Industry Advisory Group. The 2020 Climate Group was set up to ensure that all sectors of Scotland’s economy and civic society contribute fully to achieving Scotland’s ambitious climate change […]

Scottish Government supports digital technology to lower carbon footprint: Envirodigital prompts question

The 40+ online viewers looking at today’s AmbITion Scotland live webcast also tested out Envirodigital’s new Carbon Footprint Avoided indicator, on the same day that the Scottish Government stated it supports digital technology to lower carbon footprints after Envirodigital prompted questions in the Scottish Parliament today. The full press release from Scottish Parliament reads: “Responding […]

Envirodigital eventcasts Digital Day!

Envirodigital, for AmbITion, produced an eventcast of the keynotes at the Arts Marketing Association Digital Marketing Day on 30.11.09! Envirodigital produced an interactive eventcasting live from Sadlers Wells! 70 people tuned in online to hear and watch keynotes Jim Richardson of Sumo Design and John McGrath of National Theatre Wales. You can watch the eventcasts […]

envirodigital communities, sustainable ability

Shift Happens09 Envirodigital[gigya width=”425″ height=”355″ src=”http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=shifthappens09envirodigital-090704084331-phpapp02&stripped_title=shift-happens09-envirodigital” quality=”high” flashvars=”gig_lt=1246715523086&gig_pt=1246715559067&gig_g=1&gig_n=wordpress” wmode=”tranparent” ] View more presentations from Hannah Rudman. Or watch PCMCreative’s Qik video of the presentation (please note this was streamed from a mobile phone!).

Envirodigital’s Hannah Rudman speaking at Shift Happens 2.0

On 30th June 2009, envirodigital’s Hannah Rudman will be speaking at Shift Happens 2.0. View the whole programme here: In a similar style to the work envirodigital has been doing with National Theatre Wales, I’ve worked with the Shift Happens team, especially Pilot Theatre, to ensure that the crowd for this conference is on the […]