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DT:TV Case Studies

How To… Talk online: An introduction to blogging online

How to…For anyone who needs to know how to blog and what platforms to use. The guide also presents a simple blogging policy and shares how to use simple website visitor statistical analysis tools to listen and track user engagement with a blog.

Technology Planning Template

Template: Once you have completed the ICT audit of your organisation use this simple template to list the issues, with details and assign priority (High, Medium, Low) and timescale (Short, Medium, Long-term). Part of the AmbITion Toolkit: Audit Your Organisation

There’s an App for That

I’ve still not got an iPhone (yes, I know, I can hear the howls of derision from the rest of the digital arts community), so  for all you iPhone users out there, I just wanted to share with you a couple of blog posts from one of Manchester’s  Twitterati, Tim Difford. A first adopter of […]

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