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Associate Directorship with BOP Consulting

Hannah Rudman has joined BOP Consulting as an Associate Director, to lead the development of their new Organisational Transformation services and practice. BOP is an international consultancy with a 20-year track record of working in the cultural and creative economy with government bodies, leading arts and cultural organisations, property developers, and international agencies. Consistently growing over the […]

Case Study: Screen Machine Analyses its Carbon Emissions

Watch this case study presented by Hannah Rudman: the Screen Machine analyses its Carbon Emissions and talks about how digital tools have helped this process and how they will support a lower carbon future for the UK’s only mobile cinema which takes movie night to 34 of Scotland’s more remote communities. Funded by Sustainable AmbITion, […]

Boulder, Pebble or hybrid? It’s not a rock hard question

Charles Leadbeater has responded to the Digital Britain report (see previous blog) – read the full response here. His main thoughts are on how the report fails to specify ambitious bandwidth targets that would enable new services to emerge in light of newly shifted cultural behaviours.  Enjoy experiences, talk experiences and do experiences – these […]

Young people give up sex before music!

That made you cough your coffee across the office! Yesterday’s Guardian reported that Marrakesh Records and Human Capital surveyed 1,000 15 to 24-year-olds highlighting not just how important music is to young people, but their changing attitudes to paying for content. More than 60 percent of young people would rather give up sex than music, […]

Wikinomics works…

Virtual collaboration tools, and their strength to make a difference to politics, economics and projects by enhancing knowledge transfer and innovation, are in the news. Collaborative politics Yesterday, The Observer reported Barack Obama’s internet strategy as being key to his winning of the election: I reported his own social network about 18 months ago, and […]

The Long Tail will wag

Slate magazine reports research that questions whether Chris Anderson’s theory about the “long tail” in the digital world might actually be wrong…with the move to a “long tail”  being very slight – and the tail itself very flat. However, I think differently. I believe that The Long Tail has created new paradigms, and the movie […]

Logging onto Culture

Logging On: Culture Participation and the Web, is the new Demos report by John Holden that finds that culture and technology are becoming more interactive as the number of online users continues to grow. The report also provides an overview of the work of Culture Online, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s (DCMS) funded […]

New Horizons: audience development and technology

The recently released, initial findings of the London Calling Digital Marketing Survey (which surveyed over 1,000 London and SE based arts organisations) and the IT and Digital Content Audit of all organisations that are regularly funded (RFO) by Arts Council England North West, that I conducted earlier this year, discovered similar patterns. London Calling’s initial […]

Research into the digital state of the cultural sector

Arts Council England North West commissioned Arts Magnet, the digital development I used to run in the North West of England, to conduct an IT and Digital Content Audit of all the Regularly Funded arts organisations in the region. The report is available to download here.