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Are you ready for the Cookie Law?

On May 26th 2012, the new EU Cookie regulations come into force in the UK. The legislation is aimed at protecting the privacy of people visiting the websites of EU based businesses. But what does that mean for your website?

Monetising Content – Hannah Rudman introduces and contextualises national conference, Digital 2012

Monetising Content was the theme of Scotland’s national conference for the digital and interactive industries, Digital 2012. Organised by Interactive Scotland and AmbITion Scotland, Hannah Rudman gives an overview of why the conference is addressing the theme, and introduces the main subject and discussion areas of collaboration, convergence, content experience, and collection of data.

Digital 2012

Monetising Content was the theme of Scotland’s national conference for the digital and creative industries, Digital 2012. Held at SECC 29th & 30th March 2012, organised by Interactive Scotland and AmbITion Scotland, the conference brought together almost 500 of the creative and digital industries’ professionals from throughout Scotland. The content highlighted here is specifically of […]

How to …. get the best from Open Source: a beginners’ guide

How To… This guide is for anyone who has heard of the term Open Source, but who is bit confused about what it actually is! You probably use digital technologies in your organisation or individual practice, you know that Open Source is a “good thing”, but you are still unsure exactly is it, how it could benefit you, and what the risks might be.

So that was 2010 digital developments in the arts!

It’s that time of year again for Hannah Rudman to sum up the 2010 digital developments in the cultural sector. Generally, we’ve seen more audience participation online and in venue, and digital access to culture becoming a mainstream activity. Here’s my pick of the main developments in each art form: for more detail on what […]

Getting Digital Webinar 3: Tracking Impact – David Sim, 4TM, 22.04.10

Video: This webinar masterclass looks at how people successfully track the impact of digital communication and social media, and how a social media strategy can be made manageable, and what benefits that all has for an organisation. David highlights some good and bad practices, then shows some tools that will help you track and measure your online impact.

It pays to count: freemium and tracking impact

So it seems that social media is coming of age: the ning platform (AmbITion Scotland’s network is run on it) has announced that they are changing from their freemium business model, and ning will now have to be paid for. Read The Guardian‘s report. Facebook have said that they’re thinking of moving to the freemium […]