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DT:TV Case Studies

Wikinomics at work: collaborative policies, economics and projects

{Article originally posted to AmbITion Extranet by Hannah Rudman} Virtual collaboration tools, and their strength to make a difference to politics, economics and projects by enhancing knowledge transfer and innovation, are in the news. Collaborative politics Yesterday, The Observer reported Barack Obama’s internet strategy as being key to his winning of the election: I reported […]

Terms & Conditions for websites that include user generated content

Your website may have user generated content (UGC) in forums, blogs, comments, or you may even ask your website users to upload their own music, videos, pictures and other digital creations. If you don’t use a platform-based website (like for example ning, which has its own terms and conditions), then you’ll need to consider a […]

The 21st Century Event Organiser – You!!!

I’m not sure who started it first – but the “user generated event” really took off with Twestival – where Twitter was used to create events in cities around the world, with local groups taking on the job of organising the events, putting on the activities and raising money for charity. I’m fascinated by a […]

Pilot Theatre (AmbITion case study 2007)

Case study: Pilot theatre: developing relationships with audiences through digital media. This case study looks at how Pilot Theatre’s use of new media channels in development, production and marketing of its live performances helps the organisation to attract and engage young theatre-goers. In particular, this study focuses on Pilot Theatre’s regular video podcasts and the use of various digital platforms to create / promote their new work, Looking for JJ…