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DT:TV Case Studies

Yell more to sell more? Social networks and the art of conversation

Social media tools are brilliant. Your membership grows organically as people virtually recommend you to their networks! New conversations start that you’d have never dreamed up! Members use the site and its tools in ways that you’d never thought of or expected! This has been the case with a number of social networks I’ve been […]

The Ludus Dance Story (AmbITion case study 2009)

Case study: With their digital development and with Ludas Dance’s awareness and a judicious use of technology has not only added to Ludus’s creative impact, streamlined Ludus’s operations, improved the visibility of its activity, helped with its marketing and given new opportunities to new sections of the audience, it has changed the organisation, perhaps permanently.

Successful Digital Marketing for the Arts

Video: The day was built around developing a digital marketing strategy for an arts organisation – so that we could cover, in quickfire format, eMail Marketing, web analytics, Search Engine Optimisation and online PR, within a packed day.

The Bluecoat (Video case study 2008)

Video case study: The Bluecoat in Liverpool has recently undergone not just a large building programme and refurbishment but changes in its organisation and focus. At an early stage in its redevelopment, the Bluecoat’s chief executive Alastair Upton realised that digital development was a vital part of this change.

Pilot Theatre (AmbITion case study 2007)

Case study: Pilot theatre: developing relationships with audiences through digital media. This case study looks at how Pilot Theatre’s use of new media channels in development, production and marketing of its live performances helps the organisation to attract and engage young theatre-goers. In particular, this study focuses on Pilot Theatre’s regular video podcasts and the use of various digital platforms to create / promote their new work, Looking for JJ…

National Theatre (AmbITion case study 2007)

Case study: National Theatre: Creating digital performance archives. The National Theatre has employed digital technology to enhance its archiving facilities, creating high-quality, valuable records of its performances. This not only ensures greater audience satisfaction, but also renders the archive a valuable educational tool….

Contact Theatre (AmbITion case study 2007)

Case Study: Contact Theatre: how a digital technology strategy can engage a young audience. This case study looks at how Contact Theatre uses digital media to encourage young people to participate and collaborate in the development of innovative productions….

Hay Festival (AmbITion case study 2007)

Case study: Hay Festival: Digital archive, podcasting. Using digital technology, Hay Festival has unlocked its archive and facilitated public accessibility through broadcasting podcasts of its talks and performances, including both current and historical recordings….