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Envirodigital’s Hannah Rudman speaking at Shift Happens 2.0

On 30th June 2009, envirodigital’s Hannah Rudman will be speaking at Shift Happens 2.0. View the whole programme here: In a similar style to the work envirodigital has been doing with National Theatre Wales, I’ve worked with the Shift Happens team, especially Pilot Theatre, to ensure that the crowd for this conference is on the […]

National Theatre Wales being green: a crowd in the cloud

The entire trajectory of technology (and its culture) from about 1970 to the end of the century could be summed up by the phrase “Never underestimate the power of chips.” All you needed to profit hugely in those 3 decades was to very firmly believe that computers would double in power and shrink in half […]

The Art of With

Cornerhouse in Manchester have commissioned a new provocative essay from Charles Leadbeater called The Art of With. The essay addresses questions grappled with by many arts organisations, such as: – What do the advent of the web, collaborative practice and open source ways of working mean for the arts and art organisations? – How do […]

After the Crunch: thought provoking papers

2 great new publications help us consider our arts businesses futures in the bigger macro-economic framework and in the recession. Mission Models Money’s Measuring Intrinsic Value makes the argument for the sector to engage with economic theory in order to be weighty at policy level by measuring – economically – both intrinsic and instrumental value. […]

Crowdsourcing financial support: recession busting fundraising!

The Age of Stupid – the brilliant new film about climate change and why we all need to wake up to it, crowd sourced funding – for the film’s production and distribution. For a while now, in the States, A Swarm of Angels have also been funding films via their group of business “angels” – […]

Babble or debate and deliberate?

I’m not sure the name’s the most complimentary , but ArtBabble (surely NO ONE babbles, rambles or burbles when discussing art do they, darling?) is one of the most interesting collaborative channels for the rich media content of the visual arts sector that I’ve come across. FACT.TV and the Tate strive to achieve similar content […]

The Great Yawn – twerformance art?

Now that iTunes shuffle has changed it’s name to iTunes DJ it’s refusing to play half my stuff, won’t take requests and keeps skinning up in my house because it thinks “it can get away with anything in the DJ booth”. It’s also demanding poncy cocktails, telling me it won’t get out of bed for […]

Crowd sourcing innovation for Edinburgh’s Festivals

Thousands of shows. Hundreds of venues. Hundreds of thousands of tickets worth £millions. Its the biggest and most complex arts festival in the world, and being an audience member at it takes a commitment to master planning, as well as a commitment to having a great time. The Festivals want to do more to simplify […]

Euromuseums’ content available online – in one place

Europeana rolls a multimedia library, museum and archive into one digital website combined with web 2.0 features. It offers direct access to digitised books, audio and film material, photos, paintings, maps, manuscripts, newspapers and archival documents that make up Europe’s exciting cultural heritage. Visitors to the site can search and explore different collections from Europe’s […]

New music for a new era online: mash-ups and live cello concerts with Twitter

This is the most amazing mash up: a new piece of music called ThruYou created from existing YouTube videos – amateurs and professionals play together! Arts funders, IP gurus and arts organisations take note – this is what can be organised without the organisation! Last night my favourite classical musician of the year Peter Gregson […]