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National Theatre’s YouTube channel launches

The UK’s National Theatre have been experimenting with advertising their shows and venue via a YouTube channel. I love the video showing you how to actually get there from London’s Waterloo East station through the concrete rabbit warren of the South Bank – a speeded up walk highlighting the landmarks and signs to look out […]

Collaborative Creativity

TED have released a few conference talks that are of interest to the arts and cultural sector. In this 20 minute deceptively casual talk, Charles Leadbeater weaves a tight argument that innovation isn’t just for professionals anymore. Passionate amateurs, using new tools, are creating products and paradigms that companies can’t. He describes the rising role […]

Mobile comes of age for the cultural sector

In this article, I take a look at some of the latest online advertising and mobile phone usage statistics, and contemplates what they might mean for the cultural sector. As well as effective models for online advertising emerging; the much reported teething problems of delivering mobile content (around data costs, device restraints and slow networks) […]

Innovation Nation

The emergence of mass innovation and creativity because of technology have challenging implications for the professional arts and cultural sector – especially in relation to our traditional roles of gatekeeper and guide. Silicon has become like steel or plastic: it’s in everything and it is convenient and easy for the consumer to use. As a […]

Museums in Second Life

I’ve been able to visit the International Spaceflight Museum in Second Life over the last few days and am amazed at the effort they have spent building it and making interactive exhibits. I’ve met number of cultural organisations who have mentioned that they’re developing projects in Second Life – which I can’t wait to visit. […]

Playstation’s Digital and Cultural Echoes

The Guardian picked up a <a href=”http://media.guardian.co.uk/mediaguardian/story/0,,2000468,00.html”>story</a> about Sony Playstation 3’s advertising campaign that proves a belief in the idea that users will generate the content that other users most want to see; and that viral word of mouth is still the best form advertising. They have chosen 10 “cultural content” providers (using the term […]

Virtual performance: inferior or just different?

In a world where there is ever increasing opportunity to experience virtual performance, the arts sector is naturally concerned to protect their “X factor” the unique experience of the live performance. Gig organisers are also preoccupied with convincing the audience of the primacy of the live experience (although as advocates of live music, they also […]

Pilot Theatre’s digital developments

I got together with Marcus Romer, Artistic Director of Pilot Theatre Company to find out why they make so much digital content, and how ithas benefitted them and their audiences. This is a 20 minute video interview, so it make take a while to download. First published on Hannah Rudman’s blog 6th Novmber, 2006.

New Horizons: audience development and technology

The recently released, initial findings of the London Calling Digital Marketing Survey (which surveyed over 1,000 London and SE based arts organisations) and the IT and Digital Content Audit of all organisations that are regularly funded (RFO) by Arts Council England North West, that I conducted earlier this year, discovered similar patterns. London Calling’s initial […]

Put your art into IT

Context – business in general in the early 21st C Across the spectrum, businesses are investing in IT, new media and digital content so that they can continue to competitively offer product and engage customers. However, as the 21st C progresses, business strategists and arts consultants alike have noticed an exception to this pattern of […]