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DT:TV Case Studies

The Poetry Trust Story (AmbITion case study 2009)

Case study: A small organisation who, through the use of technology, hope to reach audiences all over the world. This is their experience of the extensive digital development, including: a new website, CMS, expansion of content creation into high quality podcasts.

What does it mean to be a poet in the internet age?

(from my blog: artoffiction.blogspot.com) One of the things I like about America’s venerable “Poetry” magazine are the surprises that it throws in now and then – translation issues, for instance – and in this issue, a mini-magazine within the magazine addressing two “new movements” for the 21st century, Flarf & conceptual writing. It’s surely part […]

The Writers’ Centre Norwich Story (AmbITion case study 2009)

Case study: One would be forgiven for thinking that the uses for technology in an organisation based on literature and writing would be modest, but Chris boldly claims the organisation is now in a way based on changes that have been brought about by an IT project, in this case, the Arts Council’s AmbITion project.