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DT:TV Case Studies

Library Out Loud: Glasgow Women’s Library’s Organisational Development Fund Case Study

Glasgow Women’s Library is a vibrant information hub housing a lending library, archive collections and contemporary and historical artefacts that celebrate the lives, histories and achievements of women. We also support thousands of women across Scotland every year to improve their lives through our services and programmes, including support and activities that tackle a wide […]

Crowdfunding in the UK: codes of practice, and other risk management ideas

The UK Crowd Funding Association (UKCFA) has just launched as a new trade body for crowd funding operators, with membership being conditional to agreeing to the code of practice. Says Arts Professional reporting on the establishment of the body: The code is aimed at protecting the growing number of investors, donors and businesses using the […]

Digital Giving in the Arts

Says Matthew Bowcock, author of DCMS’s new Culture Ministry report Digital Giving in the Arts: “It may seem obvious to state that voluntary giving does not happen in isolation; it is an outcome from a process of audience engagement which may occur over a long period. In a similar manner, digital technology alone does not […]

Watch: Glo/cal – Roadshow Shetland on demand!

The amazing new arts, music, cinema and creative industries centre, Mareel in Lerwick on the Shetland Isles, hosted our first 2012 AmbITion Scotland roadshow. On the topic of Glo/cal, the roadshow explored how local and community focussed projects can encourage global participation and engagement through utilising digital tools. Hannah Rudman gave an overview of the […]

How can arts and culture organisations use digital channels effectively in their business models?

Building digital capacity for the arts (@digicaparts) is an Arts Council England initiative currently running a series of seminars for arts organisations in England. This summary video covers emerging business models for the digital environment – how can arts and culture organisations use digital channels effectively in their business models? Speakers on the video include: […]

A Digital 2012!

Rudman Consulting client and AmbITion Scotland participant Stellar Quines theatre company is venturing into the world of live streaming. They are live streaming on Thursday 26 January from the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. The List by Jennifer Tremblay will be rehearsed during the day by directors Muriel Romanes and Emma Faulkner and actress Maureen Beattie, […]

Learning from experiments

Hasan Bakhshi argues in Arts Professional that research and development in the arts plays an important role, just as it does in science or technology The phrase ‘research and development’ (R&D) conjures up images of white-coated scientists in laboratories or inventors creating new gadgets. But science and technology are not the only areas where investment […]

Crowdfunding: EIFF and 500,327 Like this

Who needs one or two funders when you can have thousands? Crowd funding has provided new ways to get your film made but is it for everyone? Join filmmakers Jeanie Finlay and Terry McMahon as they discuss the challenges and opportunities of making your film with the help of others with Hannah Rudman. Teviot House – […]