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Digital fundraising

Arts and cultural organisations could raise more money by using tools they already have and by tapping into current relationships. The cultural sector doesn’t always think about itself as a charity, but a few changes in practice and in thinking could make a difference to income.

EIFF: clipped wings increases span of programme

It’s good to see the Edinburgh International Film Festival jettison its strained efforts to “keep up with the Cannes-es”. Reduced funding this year has clipped the Film Festival’s wings in terms of the amount of high profile stars appearing for red carpet premieres. But the clipped wings have resulted in innovative programming around the enduring […]

So that was 2010 digital developments in the arts!

It’s that time of year again for Hannah Rudman to sum up the 2010 digital developments in the cultural sector. Generally, we’ve seen more audience participation online and in venue, and digital access to culture becoming a mainstream activity. Here’s my pick of the main developments in each art form: for more detail on what […]

How to… Social media for fundraising online

How to… Anyone who needs to know how to use social media within an online fundraising strategy. The guide also presents the things that a fundraiser must do on a regular basis using social media and the tools that best help create a community around that.

Crowdsourcing financial support: recession busting fundraising!

The Age of Stupid – the brilliant new film about climate change and why we all need to wake up to it, crowd sourced funding – for the film’s production and distribution. For a while now, in the States, A Swarm of Angels have also been funding films via their group of business “angels” – […]