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Why live streaming of performances is an opportunity not a threat – or is it?

The streaming of live performances by NT live signals the opening up of theatre productions to a wider audience. The experience is excellent and creates opportunities for audiences to see productions they wouldn’t otherwise. Take All’s Wells that Ends Well , the second NT live show. Its one of Shakespeare’s ‘problem’ plays which is unlikely […]

With more than a billion people online worldwide: it’s time for Digital Britain

{Article originally posted to AmbITion Extranet by Hannah Rudman} The Economist this week report that the number of people going online has passed one billion for the first time, according to comScore, an online metrics company. Almost 180m internet users—over one in six of the world’s online population—live in China, more than any other country. […]

Digital Britain – Charles Leadbeater responds: are you a boulder, pebble or hybrid?

{Article originally posted to AmbITion Extranet by Hannah Rudman} Charles Leadbeater has responded to the Digital Britain report (see previous blog) – read the full response here. His main thoughts are on how the report fails to specify ambitious bandwidth targets that would enable new services to emerge in light of newly shifted cultural behaviours. […]