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Thanks to funding from the Ambition Scotland Organisational Development Fund, the Arches had wi-fi installed throughout its huge, brick-walled, mobile-reception-restrictive premises, meaning punters, promoters, staff and artists can now Tweet, browse and post throughout the building…. (The Arches being built in 1899, just prior to the invention of Wi-Fi)    The benefits The installation of […]

The Touring Network’s Tourbook: a case study in digital development

The Touring Network (formerly known as Performing Arts Network, or PAN) have worked with AmbITion Scotland funds to develop Tourbook – an online social network for promoters and touring companies focusing on bringing work to remote geographical areas. Watch their fascinating case study to discover what implications and benefits and features the social network will […]

Case Study: Dundee Rep – collaborating on a joint digital service/platform/channel

AmbITion Scotland’s content sharing partnership with Federation of Scottish Theatre‘s Digital Action Research project once again enables us to publish another great case study packed full of learning and advice about how to collaborate with other organisations on how to launch a joint digital service/platform/channel. Dundee Rep: collaborating with cultural organisations to launch a joint […]

How To… make short films for online audiences

BBC Acadamy trainer Colin Savage, provides some insights and tips on how to produce high-quality and engaging short films for online audiences – thanks to Arts Council England for sharing this online from their Digital Capacity in the Arts programme.

How can arts and culture organisations use digital channels effectively in their business models?

Building digital capacity for the arts (@digicaparts) is an Arts Council England initiative currently running a series of seminars for arts organisations in England. This summary video covers emerging business models for the digital environment – how can arts and culture organisations use digital channels effectively in their business models? Speakers on the video include: […]

Social Selling – Manicure or Mozart – Does it work in the arts?

Beefing up some research on Socialnetwork selling Groupon/Livingsocial etc but not many examples of cultural stuff in UK.  A good number from US that look positive.  Anyone out there given it a whirl and cares to show and tell?  We can share the results from the info already collected.