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How to …. get the best from Open Source: a beginners’ guide

How To… This guide is for anyone who has heard of the term Open Source, but who is bit confused about what it actually is! You probably use digital technologies in your organisation or individual practice, you know that Open Source is a “good thing”, but you are still unsure exactly is it, how it could benefit you, and what the risks might be.

Why collaborating on a common source project could have big benefits for the cultural community

Many arts organisations have a need for software and applications to support the realisation of their ambITions. These needs include web spaces for promotion of content and events, information and community interaction. But for many arts organisations, the journey to achieving their required digital solutions can be singular and lonely. Small and medium sized organisations […]

Content Experience is King, and so the inevitable consolidation…

Content Experience is King, so says the latest report from the Creative Industries’ Knowledge transfer Network. Five years ago, I used to say that context was king, ten years ago that content was king – how twee those statements now sound! Now, coming into the mainstream understanding of the potential of digital content, are what […]

Technology for mobile interpretation in museums: Video interview with Titus Bicknell

The Balboa Park Online Collaborative hosted a workshop on February 16 and 17, 2010 on mobile interpretive tools and strategy. Day Two on technology featured Titus Bicknell, Director of Information Technology for Experius Academy. You can find a detailed wiki page for this workshop here, including all of Nancy and Titus Bicknell’s slides. See this […]

Theatrical Ambition Hits the Spot

When Oldham Coliseum began working with AmbITion 2 and a half years ago, alongside all their hopes to improve their ICT infrastructure, their website, and their staff skills, they always had a clear idea of what digital might do for them artistically. In particular, they saw an opportunity to bring together the skills of their […]

The new theatre – made by audiences

From: http://www.guardian.co.uk/stage/theatreblog/2009/apr/06/theatre-london-bubble-company Lyn Gardner of guardian.co.uk writes: When I had my first child, I remember that I kept on talking about “when things get back to normal”. It took me an age to realise that this was “normal” and that my life had undergone a complete shift. I feel as if something rather similar is […]

The Art Of With – putting Digital Britain into Practice

From: http://www.cornerhouse.org/art/ongoingproject.aspx?ID=9&page=0 What do the advent of the web, collaborative practice and open source ways of working mean for the arts and art organisations? How do artists, audiences and other stakeholders really get involved with programming and evaluating arts venues? What does it mean for curators, programmers and traditional structures of arts organisations? Charles Leadbeater– […]

The Oldham Coliseum story (AmbITion case study 2009)

Case study: An arts organisation that wants to challenge the exisiting role of technology in their theatre. A development that took them from 3 computers, one of which had access to the internet, 6 years prior, to a network of 30 computers and everybody having access to the internet.