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DT:TV Case Studies

Digitising live lyric and narrative performance – resources

I’ve been working with the Federation of Scottish Theatre for the last year on an exciting Digital Action Research Project – 5 Scottish Theatre Companies have been undertaking digital development journeys and sharing the learnings as they plan, act and reflect along with the rest of the group (the action learning set). Associate (and digital […]

How To… digitise and monetise digital live content

Whether filmed for on-demand viewing or live streaming, digitising live content can increase the reach, scale and access to a piece of live performing arts work. Hannah Rudman describes how to go through the process of producing, distributing, and monetising live digital content, offering an overview of the choices available in 2012, and advice about […]

Marc Sands, Director of Audiences & Media, Tate – keynote at Digital 2012

Marc Sands, Director of Audiences & Media, Tate gave this keynote at Digital 2012, the national conference for Scotland’s digital and creative industries. This video has been brought to you by Interactive Scotland and AmbITion Scotland, the people behind Digital 2012, in partnership with Scottish Development International

Interactive Concert Hall – for eco touring, and larger audiences

The New World Centre’s new concert hall (Miami Beach, Florida by Gehry Partners – more about the architecture spec) has embedded 360-degree video projection technology that ensures world-class classical music performances can happen without the environmental impact of touring an orchestra, conductors, and or soloists from somewhere else. Advanced audio technology and connectivity to the […]

A Digital 2012!

Rudman Consulting client and AmbITion Scotland participant Stellar Quines theatre company is venturing into the world of live streaming. They are live streaming on Thursday 26 January from the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. The List by Jennifer Tremblay will be rehearsed during the day by directors Muriel Romanes and Emma Faulkner and actress Maureen Beattie, […]

Digital arts and the imagination by Rachel Coldicutt

(Thanks to @rachelcoldicutt for giving us permission to re-publish this article, which originally appeared as an inspiration essay for Arts Council England & BBC’s launch of The Space – an experimental digital arts media service and commissioning programme that could help to transform the way people connect with, and experience, arts and culture). Making things […]

Live and Kicking: The Roundhouse put their live events online

Live events online – particularly live cultural events – are becoming increasingly popular with audiences around the world, and the Roundhouse is at the forefront of this trend. Conor Roche shares his experiences in Arts Professional Broadcasters, film-makers, artists and musicians are all becoming more aware of the potential of live events online to unite […]

Theatre without walls (or doors – or any other barrier!)

[Update 10.06.2012 – Five Minute Theatre wins a Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) – category best technological production.] The Stage quotes judge Robert Dawson Scott, theatre critic of The Times:  “For once, it wasn’t the pin point accuracy or the polished slickness of the endeavour that impressed: it was the sheer scale of the ambition […]