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DT:TV Case Studies


Through Rudman Consulting’s AmbITion Digital Transformation programmes, tens of  SMEs have undertaken transformation journeys. A large number of their in-depth case studies can be viewed:

    • Aldeburgh Music: In 2009, we reviewed Aldeburgh Music’s digital systems to ascertain where they could be integrated and expanded at a time when the organisation was expanding the Snape Maltings site with a lot of new building to increase by 40% the amount of space and events they could hold on the site. We benchmarked the CRM softwares and ticketing systems used by other creative institutions of the organisation’s new scale to ensure recommendations for new systems were less risky.
    • The Bluecoat Rudman Consulting worked to help The Bluecoat, Liverpool’s creative hub, develop and implement buildings based IT, and operational digital strategies in 2008.
    • Britten Sinfonia: In 2008, we supported the Creative Learning Department to build its digital capability and capacity to create digital content for sharing with schools and online.
    • Centre for Life: Rudman Consulting in 2009 worked to diagnose digital opportunities for audience and product development for CfL, the NE England Science Centre, and is currently running a research and development project there looking at how digital information systems can be embedded in exhibits to automatically collect data.
    • Dundee Rep: We undertook a Feasibility Study in 2013 for a digital simulcast production of She Town, an in-rep play to be simultaneously broadcast to cinemas in India.
    • European Concert Halls & Orchestras: Rudman Consulting acted as consultant curators for the inaugural ECHO conference on digital, ECHO digital, in 2011.
    • Federation of Scottish Theatre: Rudman Consulting ran an action research project looking at experimental and innovative digital developments for Scottish performing arts organisations in 2011/12. Watch the final case studies of 5 theatres here.
    • Festivals Edinburgh: We worked with Festivals Edinburgh, the umbrella body of Edinburgh’s Festivals in 2007, to audit and scope a digital development strategy that would underpin Edinburgh’s Festivals as the biggest and best arts festival in the world.
    • Firstsite: We supported the regional visual arts centre to scope the IT systems suitable for the infrastructure of their £26m new build in Colchester, and digital systems such as webcasts to enable Firstsite to keep audiences engaged as they went through the building process in 2010.
    • macrobert: As well as Hannah acting on the Board of Trustees of macrobert, we undertook in 2013 the AmbITion Approach with the team, to define and plan out a holistic digital strategy for macrobert, Stirling’s arts centre:
    • Nascent Form: Nascent Form Ltd were user-interface specialists and a tech start-up. Hannah worked with them in 2003 on business development within the cultural and media sectors.
    • National Glass Centre, Sunderland: In 2015, we developed a digital engagement strategy to form part of the collaborative digital strategy for NGC and the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art.
    • New Art Gallery, Walsall: In 2008 we worked to diagnose digital opportunities for audience and product development.
    • NewcastleGateshead Cultural Venues:  In 2010, we worked with 10 building-based cultural producers operating 20 venues across visual arts, performing arts, music, dance, film, writing and literature, heritage, archives and museums and science communication in North East England to consider how shared digital opportunities could enhance audience engagement with them all. They continue to work together, making the most of shared digital technologies, today.
    • New Wolsey Theatre: In 2009 we supported the Ipswich-based regional theatre to integrate digital technologies to streamline processes for audiences. This also freed up staff time to enable them to use new digital creative tools.
    • Oldham Coliseum: We supported the regional theatre develop a technology plan, as well as digital communications platforms that enabled a huge Youth and  Community theatre project.
    • Pitlochry Festival Theatre: The AmbITion Approach was undertaken with the team in 2013 to develop an holistic digital strategy that would inform a capital redevelopment as well as underpin the digital development of this remotely located regional theatre.
    • Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra: We supported RLPO to use digital video for better audience engagement.
    • Royal Shakespeare Company: Hannah worked as the original new media producer for the RSC from 1999-2001. 
    • Stellar Quines: Rudman Consulting supported the implementation of a digital development strategy that covered all aspects of this theatre company’s artistic production; operations; and audience development model in 2011. :
    • Taigh Chearsabagh: In 2010 we oversaw TC’s digital strategy development, and implementation – a museum and arts centre, which faces unique issues due to its remote and rural location on North Uist. 
    • Timespan Arts Centre, Museum & Heritage Centre: Digital strategy implementation overseen in 2010 for this museum and arts centre, which faces unique issues due to its remote and rural location in Sutherland, Scotland. We also brokered a research and development relationship with St Andrew’s University Scape Trust to digitally archive through 3DVR the archaeological dig of the Brora Salt Pan in 2013.

    Please Contact Us if you would like to find out any more about our work with small and medium enterprises – many more micro-enterprise businesses, higher education and public sector institutions have worked with Rudman Consulting.