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Digital:Transformation for Higher Education

“The traditional university model is the the analogue equivalent of the print newspaper… in fifteen years max, you’ve got the transformation”. The University of The Future, Ernst and Young, 2012.

  • The increasingly digital expectations and desire for flexible and personalised learning of Generation Z;
  • the growing importance to funders in how research and knowledge exchange impacts society and commerce; and
  • the increased pressure on institutions to generate new income streams, sustain asset bases, and reduce climate impact.

All the obvious challenges and opportunities listed above that the publicly-funded higher education sector currently faces are paradigm shifts, and demand transformation. Shifts such as institutional attitudes moving from private and closed towards openness, engagement, and civic awareness; and student attitudes moving towards demanding value for money for their student experience.

Shifts in technology, consumer, and market trends triggered by continuous digital disruption also create further need for transformation. Transformation amidst an uncertain external environment of a shifting global economy, demographic change, and climate change demands imagination and creativity.

Rudman Consulting is now offering The Digital:Transformation Approach to support HEIs with that transformation. A blend of modern change management and action research methods with design thinking and creative practices, The Digital Transformation Approach helps institutions transform and build adaptability to thrive within our landscape of continuous disruption of digital technologies. You can review our work with HEI Clients.

View the slides to see an introduction to The Approach, and how it helps Higher Education Institutions transform in the face the face of the sector’s current challenges and opportunities:

Contact us for more information, and read Hannah’s provocation on Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in a digital age, and her guiding principles for 21st century HE institutions.

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland recently completed a Digital:Transformation Approach journey, and are seeing increased global recognition and interest in their work; more student engagement in digital skills – which gives them tools to help with going professional; and new opportunities to offer their world class teaching to new online audiences: