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Your market, your competitors, your customers, and your partners are now digital. To succeed, every business must now be a digital business. Integrating the opportunities of digital into an organisation demands transformation across the whole organisation. A piecemeal approach to digital developments will no longer ensure your business’ sustainability – digital transformation is required. Digital transformation requires that your organisation develops new thinking abilities, new process agilities, and spreads out these ideas and processes across the whole of the organisation. Digital leaders will combine the new strategic fundamentals of the digital age and use them to digitise an enterprise’s core capabilities to strengthen and renew value proposition to create new products, experiences, services, platforms and business models. .

The Digital Transformation Approach is for any enterprise of any type, scale or operational model. It is a digital transformation journey for enterprises looking to transform and build adaptability to deal with the continuous disruption of digital technologies, an approach created by Dr Hannah Rudman of Rudman ConsultingThe Approach blends the methods of modern change management consultancy with action research; and utilises some of the tools, attitudes, and techniques of design thinking, and creative practice.

The Digital Transformation Approach has been extensively used with more than 250 organisations, and it has been iteratively improved, integrating the learnings and experiences of enterprises that have created change. You can read and watch case study stories of the impacts and outputs of the change journeys already undertaken by enterprises through working with The Approach.