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DT:TV Case Studies

Digital Video for Cultural Organisations

This learning journey has been curated by AmbITion Scotland Lead Consultant Hannah Rudman. Video. Digital films. Moving image. You night call it any of these things, but creating rich media content that blends the audio and visual gives cultural, creative and heritage organisations an aditional medium to communicate through. The availability of cloud-based online video channels […]

Augmented Reality

This learning journey was written and curated by AmbITion Scotland lead consultant, Hannah Rudman. It is a beginners’ guide to the the technology that merges – on screens – textual and photographic information, or 3D graphics and video with real-world elements. Augmenting, or adding layers of data, from the internet or a local data network, to reality – augmented […]

Crowdsourcing, and digital fundraising

This learning journey was curated by AmbITion lead consultant, Hannah Rudman. Online social media tools and consumers’ growing confidence at using online payment and donation platforms means that there’s never been a better time to gather your community around you online, to help you build your reach, your impact and your scale. In an era […]


This learning journey has been curated by AmbITion lead consultant Hannah Rudman. Twitter is not for every arts, cultural and heritage organisation. But many organisations and individuals in the sector use it effectively to create audience engagement through debate and using it as a channel to push out live news and views. This learning journey […]