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Creative works

In 2012, Hannah collaborated with the National Theatre of Scotland to co-produce the award-winning live, 24 hour long, for everyone by anyone, online production, Five Minute Theatre.

In 1998, Hannah co-wrote, together with Dr Billy SmartThe Benefactor, the first British hyperdrama to be published on the Internet and performed in the UK. It has never been performed again, but it is globally referenced in research papers. It has been translated into Chinese, German, Italian and Spanish for study at university courses internationally, and Hannah and the play are cited on Wikipedia.

You can read The Benefactor in full, in all its retro, SML (standard mark-up language) glory!

A hyperdrama is a play that is written in hypertext, that is performed as a promenade, and that is realised on multiple levels. Scenes happen simultaneously throughout a performance space. In The Benefactor, there are five different locations where the action takes place. The scripts for the different locations are divided into levels which represent the time span of the piece (about 45 minutes real time). The table of scenes shows what happens at the same time. All the characters and locations in this hyperdrama are of equal importance. As an online reader, you could follow the path of one character through the play by clicking on their hypertext links; read all the separate scripts in a linear fashion; or explore the hyperdrama more randomly by swapping between rooms via the links. Start your journey here!