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DT:TV Case Studies

Private sector

Hannah has been working with private sector clients, from start-up Wallet.Services, to global technology solutions company Leidos.

Hannah licensed The Digital:Transformation Approach exclusively to Leidos for 9 months and was Associate Principal for Digital Transformation with them over 2016-17.

In 2017, Hannah adapted it for use as an Organisational Transformation offer for BOP Consulting and joined the team to support the offer as Associate Director.

She is currently leading the Distributed Ledger Lab for Wallet.Services by adapting the approach to be suitable for considering disruptive Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT, or blockchain).

The approach has therefore been used with the clients of these companies in the critical services sector, the travel sector and the financial services sector. There aren’t case studies to view here of this work, as it has been conducted confidentially, but please Contact Us to discuss how Hannah can support your private sector work and clients.