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“Rudman Consulting were our first choice to deliver the Federation of Scottish Theatre‘s Digital Action Research Project.  Hannah designed a really effective programme which both supported FST members’ individual digital developments and drew out key learnings from the group which can be shared with the wider sector and forms an important contribution to the body of knowledge in the sector”. Jon Morgan, Director, FST (national umbrella organisation for the performing arts in Scotland).

Rudman Consulting helps enterprises maximise the opportunities, minimise the risks, and manage the impacts of becoming adaptable, resilient, entrepreneurial, and intrapreneurial in a world where the only constant is change, complexity, uncertainty and ambiguous circumstances. We’ve developed industry sectors by designing and delivering national change, innovation and development programmes, attracting £3.7m funding so far. The programmes have been designed and delivered around Rudman Consulting’s academically verified, proven in the field AmbITion Approach to Digital Transformation.

Here’s what some of the AmbITion Scotland programme participants, a national change and digital development programme for Scotland’s Creative Industries, said about their experiences between 2009-2014:

Internationally renowned art house and micro-enterprise, Cryptic’s Sara Harrison: “AmbITion Scotland has given Cryptic the support, expert advice and time to formulate and investigate a digital project which perfectly encapsulates the company’s mission to use digital technologies innovatively.  The project is enabling Cryptic to engage more with international audiences and support the work of emerging artists, whilst ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of the use of digital technologies in the arts.”

Ed Robson, Artistic Director, of SME Cumbernauld Theatre:  “AmbITion directly enabled Cumbernauld Theatre to enter the 21st Century – for the first time we were able to sell tickets online, to fully understand the potential and make use of web 2.0 technologies/social media developments, and to be able to manage and respond to our audience quickly and with more knowledge and skill. In the last 18 months Cumbernauld Theatre has transformed its use of Information Technology and as a result has a stronger and more active online communication relationship and sales presence that is directly engaging audiences on a daily basis.  “Whilst the financial investment was crucial, the support and skills base that the Company also received will be fundamental going forwards in our ability to now deliver new and growing audiences.”

Chris Willshaw, Online Marketing Specialist, at Higher Education institution Royal Conservatoire of Scotland:In partnership with AmbITion Scotland we have been able to create Broadcast – our online hub where audiences can experience life at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. By training staff and students as digital content creators we have created a wealth of new digital content – (performances, behind the scenes interviews and masterclasses), which we distribute through our social media channels. Our improved digital culture has had a significant impact through three key areas of student recruitment, audience development and increased institutional reputation.” Watch their case study.

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