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DT:TV Case Studies

Lung Ha Theatre Company uses digital as proxy for organisational development

Lung Ha Theatre Company has been conducting a programme of strategic digital development with the support of AmbITion since 2013. The process has been the catalyst for wider change within the organisation, and the project has grown to incorporate multiple aspects of the company’s work and identity. In this rich media report, we outline the […]

Artlink Central: AmbITion Approach journey

Artlink Central was supported via AmbITion Scotland’s AmbITion Approach fund. We used this resource to enable consultants to assist us in digital development, with the desired outcome of producing a thorough strategy document, with both short and long term plans for embedding the use of digital technologies within our organisation. Artlink management believed that while […]

The art of webcasting

Envirodigital has been webcasting clients’ events for six months now. Our clients want to: increase the scale, access, reach, impact and legacy of their events; and create a good quality experience for those who chose not to travel to attend the live event. At Envirodigital, we’re thrilled to work with our clients in the cultural […]