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DT:TV Case Studies

McMaster Review: Supporting excellence in the arts – from measurement to judgement

In July 2007 James Purnell, the Secretary of State for Culture, asked Sir Brian McMaster, former Director of the Edinburgh International Festival, to undertake a review to report on: How the system of public sector support for the arts can encourage excellence, risk-taking and innovation How artistic excellence can encourage wider and deeper engagement with […]

HD Operatunities: digital audience development for opera

This autumn Glyndebourne became the first UK opera house to present world-class opera in ODEON cinemas throughout the country. This exciting new initiative extended their work beyond the opera house. “For the price of a cinema ticket and a bucket of popcorn, audiences can now enjoy the world’s best opera on their doorsteps.”Emma Pomfret, The […]

Towards interactive futures: a case study of the Tate

My friend Bill Thompson says that we now live in a world shaped and defined by digital technology, in which access to the network is pervasive, and which influences policies and practices that directly affect us all. We recognise this as the knowledge economy. Thompson thinks that this means Marx was right. “The economic base […]

“Americano to stay, and 30 minutes on iTunes, please!”

Wired Magazine report Apple’s announcement that they’re going to be setting up 6000 Starbucks Coffee Shops as wi-fi retail iTunes stores. This seems an important move for Apple, gaining them real-life retail square footage. The real-life aspect of this is key: it’s helping bridge the digital divide that currently means iPod customers with broadband-less or […]

Collaborative Creativity

TED have released a few conference talks that are of interest to the arts and cultural sector. In this 20 minute deceptively casual talk, Charles Leadbeater weaves a tight argument that innovation isn’t just for professionals anymore. Passionate amateurs, using new tools, are creating products and paradigms that companies can’t. He describes the rising role […]

Innovation Nation

The emergence of mass innovation and creativity because of technology have challenging implications for the professional arts and cultural sector – especially in relation to our traditional roles of gatekeeper and guide. Silicon has become like steel or plastic: it’s in everything and it is convenient and easy for the consumer to use. As a […]

Virtual performance: inferior or just different?

In a world where there is ever increasing opportunity to experience virtual performance, the arts sector is naturally concerned to protect their “X factor” the unique experience of the live performance. Gig organisers are also preoccupied with convincing the audience of the primacy of the live experience (although as advocates of live music, they also […]