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DT:TV Case Studies

Augmented Reality Brochures: Manipulate Festival of Visual Theatre video showcase

One of the limitations around a paper marketing brochure is that that it can’t show or tell you how attending an event will feel. A more multisensory experience can though, and the Manipulate Festival of Visual Theatre, which shows innovative international theatre and film, have used an augmented reality (AR) platform called Layar to bring […]

Augmented Reality: an introduction to AR – a masterclass on demand

This masterclass, now available on demand, was an introduction  to Augmented Reality. What is AR? What are the opportunities of it? Why is it of use to cultural, arts and heritage organisations, practices and individuals? How can we use it to better deliver our missions, products and experiences digitally? Whatever cultural form you work with, […]

What is augmented reality?

Here’s the best introduction to the basics I could find: the wonderful Common Craft folk explain clearly, in this animated video, augmented reality. This is the transcript of the video they kindly provide for brilliant accessibility: “I think we can all agree that reality is pretty great. It’s what we experience through our senses like […]

Turing Festival: Conference 2012

Conference organisers and AmbITion Scotland partners, Interactive Scotland once again hosted a scintillating day at Edinburgh’s Turing Festival. The Turing Festival brings the digital industries and the web into this gathering in a celebration of digital culture and creativity. Named in honour of Alan Turing, father of modern computing, the festival moves beyond traditional tech conferences to explore […]