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Mobile culture and the Magic Tate Ball

Source – Culture professionals network: Culture professionals blog | guardian.co.uk The best mobile projects build on genuine collaboration between content owners and digital developers, says Ben Templeton It’s no surprise that mobile technology is an attractive opportunity for arts and cultural organisations. OFCOM suggest more than half the UK’s mobile users have a smartphone – no other device […]

Guerrilla Fundraising

A Masai wildlife ranger the African Savannah has utilised Twitter and blogs to prompt donations to keep his wildlife safe, and allow the wildlife park to stay open. People have donated from $5-$5,000 after downloading the excellent wildlife pictures taken daily by the wildlife rangers made available via Flickr, or visiting the Mara Triangle Facebook […]

Towards interactive futures: a case study of the Tate

My friend Bill Thompson says that we now live in a world shaped and defined by digital technology, in which access to the network is pervasive, and which influences policies and practices that directly affect us all. We recognise this as the knowledge economy. Thompson thinks that this means Marx was right. “The economic base […]