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Scotland’s Digital Infrastructure: The Government’s Action Plan for 2020 (update 07.06.12)

The headline bandwidth figures are 40-80Mbs for 80-95% of Scotland’s premises by 2020, with the best connections physically possible pledged for rural areas. (Update 07.06.12) I’ve just heard first person Infrastructure Minister Alex Neil announce that £250m will be invested in the next 3 years in rural broadband – mainly in the highlands and islands. […]

Digital Britain – Charles Leadbeater responds: are you a boulder, pebble or hybrid?

{Article originally posted to AmbITion Extranet by Hannah Rudman} Charles Leadbeater has responded to the Digital Britain report (see previous blog) – read the full response here. His main thoughts are on how the report fails to specify ambitious bandwidth targets that would enable new services to emerge in light of newly shifted cultural behaviours. […]