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Social Networking as used by a Social Media Enthusiast

From: http://getambition.wordpress.com/2009/03/05/ambition-north-east-roadshow-%E2%80%93-tyneside-cinema-participation-workshop/ This article is an excerpt of a live blog of the Participation Masterclass with OurManInside aka Christian Payne at the AmbITion North East Roadshow of 5th March. Just introduced him and we’re off! He’s just asked us to make sure mobile phones are on and Twitterers tweeting. Excellent! Did lots of media, travelled […]

If you missed it… Digital Marketing Re:Connected Remembered!

{Article originally posted to AmbITion Extranet by Adrian Slatcher} For the arts content is always king, so it was great to see a wide range of the North West’s arts organisations revelling in a day of cutting edge digital content on Monday. I was the organiser, so I’m not pretending to be an impartial witness, […]

Watching it Online: mobile video, HD video

{Article originally posted to AmbITion Extranet by Hannah Rudman} Christian Payne made this excellent video – on his mobile phone – of his day in Manchester, speaking at AmbITion’s latest networking/training event: Digital Content re:connected. Christian spent all day with his mobile in hand, capturing soundbytes and conversations. One of his observations about videoing with […]

Digital Content Re:Connected

This  is a summary of the Amb:IT:ion project’s Digital Content Re:Connected event, which took place here at MDDA on 27 October 2008. The one-day seminar explored how creating art is changing around us, featuring insights from arts organisations and mavericks that are leading the way in developing new content using the latest technologies. Adrian Slatcher […]