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Cloud computing: gearing up for enterprises?

If you’re looking to create organisational efficiencies and reduce costs around IT, now is the time to start looking at and trialling enterprise cloud computing. Running a company IT set-up demands office applications, storage for your data, a network, a computer each, back-up, upgrades and IT support if the IT set-up is business critical (which […]

National Theatre Wales being green: a crowd in the cloud

The entire trajectory of technology (and its culture) from about 1970 to the end of the century could be summed up by the phrase “Never underestimate the power of chips.” All you needed to profit hugely in those 3 decades was to very firmly believe that computers would double in power and shrink in half […]

2009: new content, new technologies

Yesterday’s Scottish paper The Herald announced the first ‘reveal’ on 4iP’s first major project in Scotland, with independent interactive designers ISO. Central Station is a place to share your art and find new talent, be mentored by some of the art world’s best names and be entertained by and engaged in the making of a […]

Microsoft’s gently persuading you into the cloud…

This Common Craft video explains the features of the new Microsoft Live platform – what I think will be the beginning of the masses moving towards Cloud Computing. Although the live platform simply acts as an aggregator for other online activity (photo sharing, messaging, etc.) just like Apple’s Mobile Me, I suspect that the next […]