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DT:TV Case Studies

Digital Culture: How arts and culture organisations in England use technology

Following a survey of Arts Council England’s regularly funded organisations in 2013, this report maps where England’s arts, culture and heritage organisations are at. This survey will repeated in the coming two years. This first year’s report paints a rich picture of how arts and cultural organisations in England are making use of digital technologies in […]

Sustainable cultural AmbITions for a low carbon transition

Today the IPCC published its 5th report to confirm that by 2100, the average projection for how much warming will occur is expected to be slightly above the 2 degrees C threshold, considered to be the temperature above which it is considered that climate change will damage the global environment: as well as the damage […]

Hannah Rudman joins international thought leaders at Shift Happens V

I’m very excited to be speaking at 2013 Shift Happens V – I’ve spoken at 2 previous Shifts, and this year’s line up seems to embody the very notion of Shift: asking thought leaders from a wide range of spheres to show and provoke thinking and action in how shift can happen in the arts, […]

Reflections on Five Minute Theatre

Envirodigital were the technical consultants and co-producers of National Theatre Scotland’s virtual online live theatre project Five Minute Theatre. With extensive experience of webcasting in Scotland; the theatre world and in producing digital art and digital performance, Envirodigital director Hannah Rudman reflects over the results, reviews and reveals some of the behind-the-scenes processes.

Scotland wake up! Your CO2 footprint will soon be counted!

Here at Envirodigital, we’ve been working to help businesses think of digital solutions that reduce their carbon emissions and spend on energy and travel and increase their sustainable ability. Most cultural and heritage sector businesses don’t fall under under the government’s current legislation (covering around 5000 of Scotland’s biggest public venues) around reducing carbon emissions. […]

Open to a good ‘toothing!

On the train the other day commuting form Liverpool to Manchester, whilst I was thinking that I really should write another blog, someone tried to ‘tooth me. Being “toothed” is when someone connects via bluetooth with your bluetooth enabled discoverable device – in this case, my mobile phone. Bluetooth works like infared, enabling digital information […]