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DT:TV Case Studies

Privacy Policies for websites

Guide: When building a website, you need to ensure that any users/purchasers agree to your Privacy Policy, as well as to your other contractual terms and conditions, before using your website or submitting personal details to you. Our partners Own-IT have developed an example Privacy Policy together with introductory guidance for the policy’s usage.

Successful Web Development for the Arts

Video: As the first in a series of video podcasts for the arts, we thought we’d ask some Manchester based arts organisations how they went about doing web development – and what their advice would be for any arts organisation who is looking to redevelop their website.

Successful Digital Marketing for the Arts

Video: The day was built around developing a digital marketing strategy for an arts organisation – so that we could cover, in quickfire format, eMail Marketing, web analytics, Search Engine Optimisation and online PR, within a packed day.