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DT:TV Case Studies

Youth Theatre Arts Scotland: our digital development story

Youth Theatre Arts Scotland aims to transform lives through youth theatre by providing inspiring participatory opportunities for young people and by connecting, supporting and training the professionals who work with them. Our project was to develop a new online presence: a richer website which is easier to navigate and provides a welcoming and informative entry point […]

White The App – Catherine Wheels and Hippotrix Case Study

In 2010 Catherine Wheels Theatre Company premièred a new show, called White, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  Here’s a 60 second trailer of the show: White is for children aged 2-4 and was one of the hits of that fringe festival.  It has gone on to tour the world and now, four years later, it […]

Twitter Best Practices List

From: http://www.twine.com/item/123nqkqw1-qj/share-this-twitter-best-practices-list-help-save-twitter THE PROBLEM: TWITTER IS AT RISK Twitter is highly vulnerable to spam because of the way it is designed, and because there is a general lack of awareness of best-practices and practices to avoid when using Twitter. This article hopes to help solve that by increasing awareness of these issues. Below is a […]