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Digital Culture: How arts and culture organisations in England use technology

Following a survey of Arts Council England’s regularly funded organisations in 2013, this report maps where England’s arts, culture and heritage organisations are at. This survey will repeated in the coming two years. This first year’s report paints a rich picture of how arts and cultural organisations in England are making use of digital technologies in […]

Greener Electronics

Greenpeace have just released a new version of the Guide to Greener Electronics. This is important for Envirodigital as we want to recommend digital solutions for getting greener, but we all know that most digital devices are manufactured with electronics components and use electricity to power up. Greenpeace report: “This time ranking 15 gadget and […]

Do the Green Thing: creatively & digitally

Andy Hobsbawm of dothegreenthing talks to my project AmbITion’s film crew about why cultural organisations should engage with the environmental sustainability agenda – I agree, what do you think? Watch it here!

McMaster Review: Supporting excellence in the arts – from measurement to judgement

In July 2007 James Purnell, the Secretary of State for Culture, asked Sir Brian McMaster, former Director of the Edinburgh International Festival, to undertake a review to report on: How the system of public sector support for the arts can encourage excellence, risk-taking and innovation How artistic excellence can encourage wider and deeper engagement with […]

Innovation Nation

The emergence of mass innovation and creativity because of technology have challenging implications for the professional arts and cultural sector – especially in relation to our traditional roles of gatekeeper and guide. Silicon has become like steel or plastic: it’s in everything and it is convenient and easy for the consumer to use. As a […]

Put your art into IT

Context – business in general in the early 21st C Across the spectrum, businesses are investing in IT, new media and digital content so that they can continue to competitively offer product and engage customers. However, as the 21st C progresses, business strategists and arts consultants alike have noticed an exception to this pattern of […]