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Hannah Rudman joins international thought leaders at Shift Happens V

I’m very excited to be speaking at 2013 Shift Happens V – I’ve spoken at 2 previous Shifts, and this year’s line up seems to embody the very notion of Shift: asking thought leaders from a wide range of spheres to show and provoke thinking and action in how shift can happen in the arts, […]

Cloud computing: gearing up for enterprises?

If you’re looking to create organisational efficiencies and reduce costs around IT, now is the time to start looking at and trialling enterprise cloud computing. Running a company IT set-up demands office applications, storage for your data, a network, a computer each, back-up, upgrades and IT support if the IT set-up is business critical (which […]

Climate Change and the visual arts – conference

VAGA & engage are running Climate Change and the Visual Arts event, as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival, looking at how visual arts organisations can address the issue of global warming both as ‘institutions’ and working with artists. Click here for more info.

Envirodigital’s Hannah Rudman speaking at Shift Happens 2.0

On 30th June 2009, envirodigital’s Hannah Rudman will be speaking at Shift Happens 2.0. View the whole programme here: In a similar style to the work envirodigital has been doing with National Theatre Wales, I’ve worked with the Shift Happens team, especially Pilot Theatre, to ensure that the crowd for this conference is on the […]

Scottish tourism’s natural beauty spots: eco-logy or eco-nomy?

The best things in life are free. Like a walk on a beautiful beach, and the sight of a 300+ seal colony I had the privilege of sighting at Tentsmuir Point yesterday. I didn’t have to pay anyone to see that! But free things don’t necessarily have no value. Fresh air and clean water don’t […]

Environmental Sustainability at the heart of the cultural sector’s mission

     Arts and Ecology The UK’s Cultural Sector is being encouraged to consider environmental sustainability as being at the heart of what it does. DCMS has recommended to the sector that there are three core elements of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental. They have recently published their Sustainable Development Action Plan 2008-11 that highlights proposed […]

Performing Arts organisations go green

Dr. Ben Todd spoke at Shift Happens at the beginning of this month, reporting that North London’s Arcola Theatre has become the first venue to install an environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel cell to power the site. The 5kw fuel source, which operates almost silently and produces nothing but electricity and clean water, will run the […]

Building Sustainable Arts Venues

Its the Indianapolis Museum of Art in my sights again, but this week I’m excited by the way they’re focussing on considering their environmental impact. Their sustainability as a 21st century arts organisation is underpinned by their porous attitude and really effective digital audience development strategies (see earlier blog entries). But the sustainability of the […]