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DT:TV Case Studies

Cove Park: case study in digital development

Remotely locatedScottish artists’ residency centre Cove Park describe the digital developments they implemented following their undertaking of the AmbITion Approach. They reflect on the outputs, benefits, and impacts: for the organisation’s operations, audiences and alumni, and stakeholders. Hannah Rudman, AmbITion Scotland Lead Consultant, worked with them and reports.

It pays to count: freemium and tracking impact

So it seems that social media is coming of age: the ning platform (AmbITion Scotland’s network is run on it) has announced that they are changing from their freemium business model, and ning will now have to be paid for. Read The Guardian‘s report. Facebook have said that they’re thinking of moving to the freemium […]

Wikinomics at work: collaborative policies, economics and projects

{Article originally posted to AmbITion Extranet by Hannah Rudman} Virtual collaboration tools, and their strength to make a difference to politics, economics and projects by enhancing knowledge transfer and innovation, are in the news. Collaborative politics Yesterday, The Observer reported Barack Obama’s internet strategy as being key to his winning of the election: I reported […]

Social Media – your audiences are aggregating and syndicating their content

Wave 4 is the latest in a series of reports from Universal McCann (ummm… the fourth one… see what they did there?) about how people are using social networks, especially in relation to aggregating digital content together that they’ve created – like vids and pics, newsfeeds and chats, etc. This reflects my experience – all […]

It’s Payback Time…

Connecting. Commenting. Critiquing. Communicating. Contributing. Conversation. All positive words, needing energy and enagagement. And yet when cultural organisations hear the “C” words in relation to their audiences and their content, it usually invokes a fear of negative criticism. It takes a great deal of porousity and maturity as an orgnanisation to be able to handle […]