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DT:TV Case Studies

Edinburgh International Film Festival’s Digital Content Developments

Edinburgh International Film Festival aims to showcase the best filmmaking from around the world and invite audiences to celebrate cinema in Edinburgh. EIFF’s project was to create and develop a year-round digital content strategy to raise awareness of the Festival and grow audiences, providing rich content to engage and drive existing and potential attendees.  Please […]

Cinema City: history brought to life with digital development

Glasgow Film, comprising Glasgow Film Theatre and Glasgow Film Festival, is the west of Scotland’s leading independent cultural cinema. Glasgow Film’s Cinema City project connects visitors and residents to the fascinating cinema heritage of the city. Back in the cinema-going heyday of the 1930s, Glasgow had more cinemas per head than anywhere else in the […]

Augmented Reality Brochures: Manipulate Festival of Visual Theatre video showcase

One of the limitations around a paper marketing brochure is that that it can’t show or tell you how attending an event will feel. A more multisensory experience can though, and the Manipulate Festival of Visual Theatre, which shows innovative international theatre and film, have used an augmented reality (AR) platform called Layar to bring […]

macrobert share! Simulcasting & Social Media Policy for Working with Children and Young People

Stirlingshire’s arts centre based on Stirling University’s campus, macrobert, has recently undertaken the AmbITion Approach, and has made some immediate decisions around digital developments. Last night saw macrobert’s first ever screening of an NTLive production, Coriolanus. The show sold out, with War Horse, NTLive’s February simulcast selling out within minutes of being put on sale! […]

How To… Edit Video (video tutorial for beginners and intermediates!)

A Guide to Editing Your Own Videos Today it is very easy to create videos and slideshows using software already provided by computer operating systems. With a little know-how, time and effort, you an create professional looking media projects that don’t require you to be a professional editor. When you buy a computer, you will […]

Crowdfunding: EIFF and 500,327 Like this

Who needs one or two funders when you can have thousands? Crowd funding has provided new ways to get your film made but is it for everyone? Join filmmakers Jeanie Finlay and Terry McMahon as they discuss the challenges and opportunities of making your film with the help of others with Hannah Rudman. Teviot House – […]

EIFF: clipped wings increases span of programme

It’s good to see the Edinburgh International Film Festival jettison its strained efforts to “keep up with the Cannes-es”. Reduced funding this year has clipped the Film Festival’s wings in terms of the amount of high profile stars appearing for red carpet premieres. But the clipped wings have resulted in innovative programming around the enduring […]

The Human Touch of Machinima

Machinima expert Hugh Hancock is exploring with us the benefits of collaboratively making films using Machinima – particularly using Moviestorm. This is a beautiful animation of a Byron poem made by Hugh. Bloodspell is a feature film made by Hugh, released in 2007, and that ended up being the 2nd most watched film in Scotland […]

Weapons of mass collaboration!

I’m in Manchester at AmbITion’s Digital Content re:connected event. We’re trying to make it as live and globally available as we can! So… Marcus Romer from Pilot Theatre is currently presenting, and his talk and all the links to the resources mentioned is available here. Marcus is explaining his online strategy, which is about enagaging […]