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DT:TV Case Studies

So that was 2011’s digital developments in the arts and cultural sector!

Here’s my annual roundup of the most impactful digital developments we’ve seen in the arts over 2011. Its been a fascinating year: some of these digital developments increase reach, scale, impact, and access to work creating massive opportunity; some create new economic models for better sustainability; some challenge our traditional notions of participation with an […]

Crowdfunding: EIFF and 500,327 Like this

Who needs one or two funders when you can have thousands? Crowd funding has provided new ways to get your film made but is it for everyone? Join filmmakers Jeanie Finlay and Terry McMahon as they discuss the challenges and opportunities of making your film with the help of others with Hannah Rudman. Teviot House – […]

New AmbITion How To Guides published

New publications are online! Roger Tomlinson helps us think about how to Syndicate Data using RSS and XML and How To Implement Digital Projects and Develop Digital Policies; Adrian Slatcher considers How To Be accessible; CJ Lyon teaches us about how to collect and share User Generated Content on your website; Chi-chi Ekweozor teaches us […]

Digital fundraising

Penniless artists? A bit of digital fundraising prior to an adventure at Edinburgh’s Festivals needn’t necessarily leave you broke! Apart from the lucky few independently wealthy artists coming to Edinburgh’s Festivals; or those with an established reputation who’ve managed to secure sponsorship or public funding (Pot Noodle: The Musical perhaps being the most interesting artistic […]

Guerrilla Fundraising

A Masai wildlife ranger the African Savannah has utilised Twitter and blogs to prompt donations to keep his wildlife safe, and allow the wildlife park to stay open. People have donated from $5-$5,000 after downloading the excellent wildlife pictures taken daily by the wildlife rangers made available via Flickr, or visiting the Mara Triangle Facebook […]