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2010: Rudman Consulting predicts…

First off, did I get my predictions right for 2009?! Read them here. I predicted the rise in interest around cloud computing and this has certainly happened, with good options around for personal computing. Read my other company, Envirodigital’s summary of cloud computing at end of 2009. We’re not quite there yet with applications and […]

Want to make your arts portal pay? Why not be a Ticketmaster affiliate?

Variety Magazine reported on Tuesday that Ticketmaster has created a system to deliver coin to linked websites that drive online ticket sales. The ticketing company has launched its first online affiliate network in the U.S., unveiling its EventEngine widget that allows websites to link with ticketmaster.com. Consumers and organizations register to become affiliates of Ticketmaster, […]

Open to a good ‘toothing!

On the train the other day commuting form Liverpool to Manchester, whilst I was thinking that I really should write another blog, someone tried to ‘tooth me. Being “toothed” is when someone connects via bluetooth with your bluetooth enabled discoverable device – in this case, my mobile phone. Bluetooth works like infared, enabling digital information […]